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 These are "Little Houses" of Valentine Hill

The "Little Houses of Valentine Hill" opened to the public in May of 2013. The quality of craftsmanship is something to behold in each of these darling little houses. Every care and thought was taken to produce a house that a German would have built (and German descendants DID build by hand!). From the first stake that was pounded into the ground, to the hand dug footings, every aspect was carefully taken to insure authenticity with a few modern conveniences.

The Little Houses were brought into existence by Chris Kaiser Builders of Fredericksburg. The guy with the sledge hammer is Derrick Pennick, who had done the interior rebuild of the Main House. When I had signed the papers to purchase the property, my first order of business was to meet the man who had done the work. It was amazing, and the quality of craftsmanship was so exquisite. Talking with him that day, in my kitchen of the Main House, is what germinated the idea for the little houses. I am grateful to all who worked so hard and thoughtfully in making the dream come true!

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