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The "Little Houses' were carefully and expertly built in 2013. Each house has it's own style , personality and attraction.

This is "Amelia's Cabin". Back in 1846 Conrad Kollmeyer built this log cabin for his young bride, Amelia. Imagine how brave they were to start their lives together in Indian country, west of Fredericksburg. Amelia set up housekeeping within these very walls, and bore 4 children. By the census of 1860 Amelia was deceased.

I build this permanent cabin in her memory and to the memory of all the brave pioneers that made our lives possible.

Amelia's Cabin reflects the "homey-ness" and warmth that a pioneer house would provide. The atmosphere inside wraps around you like a soft blanket. The view from Amelia's SE facing window is just wonderful, and the huge walk in shower is a delight.

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